Energy Optimization Course


With Mona Tavassoli


Optimize your energy to achieve more in your day, and to find harmony in your different roles.


Based on Over a decade of personal research, Mona Tavassoli shares her learnings on how to optimize your energy to achieve more in your day, and to find harmony in your different roles.



What you will learn in this Energy Optimization Course

  • The 4 layers of the Energy Pyramid
  • The interdependence of the energy layers 
  • Why each layer is important on its own
  • Boost your overall energy by working on each layer
  • Actionable tip to get you started immediately

"Your loved ones deserve the best version of you, invest in yourself and your energy"


Mona Tavassoli

Workbooks & templates

Along with the course material and expert instruction by Rasheda Khatun Khan herself, you will also have access to a number of templates that will make implementing the learning a lot easier.

  • The 5 steps workbook
  • Expense Tracker Excel sheet
  • Financial Wellness template
  • Income Tracker Excel template

Energy Optimization Course


Instant Access

  • Increase Your Energy Level
  • Stay Motivated and Be More Productive 
  • ​Become Aware of What Motivates You and What Drains Your Energy
  • Stay in Control of Your Life
“I have gained lots of ideas of how to improve my spending patterns and feel alot more in control.” 


“I feel truly energized after the workshop. This workshop is full of practical and useful info and methods that can lead me to restart my life.” 


“It is great to receive tips and information on how to get the most out of your lifetime. I would call this the best course that I have ever taken.” 


This Workshop helped me put in practice various things that I had in the back of my head, but was unable to act on.” 


Lovely, thought provoking workshop to help you analyze yourself, your life, your business, your goals with effective, practical tools to overcome your challenges and fulfill your true potential.” 


“I now think about how to use my income wisely and I will be implementing the conscious spending strategy.” 


Hi, I'm Mona Tavassoli


I am an entrepreneur, mother of two, and the founder of Mompreneurs Worldwide, an organization for like-minded women entrepreneurs.
I believe that having a successful business and a thriving family is not a zero sum game, with the right support and mindset. We work to create an environment where women can feel fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.
Everything that we do is based on main our "Why" which is: Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Leaders, and we empower women through education and entrepreneurship. 
It took me years of study and research to find harmony in my life as a mother and entrepreneur, and I have made it my mission to create a community of supportive like-minded female entrepreneurs and give you the tools to create the life and business you deserve without compromising on you or your family.

About The Mompreneur Academy

The Mompreneur Academy is the educational and training division of Mompreneurs Wordwide. It is a knowledge sharing platform designed to show you the blueprint to succeed in different areas of life, such as Business, Wellbeing, Family, Financials, Mindset and more.

Knowledge is power and as said beautifully by Albert Einstein: We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Each course is designed to educate and empower you to enhance the quality of your life.