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Mompreneur Academy
Partner Program

The Mompreneur Academy Partner Program (MAPP) is a revenue-sharing program that we have started with our closest partners to promote world-class digital programs, memberships and products available for purchase through the Mompreneur Academy. 

Mompreneurs Worldwide, our entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship company, includes two important branches: Mompreneur Academythe educational branch, and Mompreneurs Tribe, the flagship membership branch. 

The MAPP was specifically created to promote the Mompreneurs Tribe, our monthly membership that gives participants access to members-only masterclasses and a closed members-only community where participants network, discuss, and share their experiences.

As a member of MAPP, every introduction that you make to the Mompreneurs Tribe will be tracked and credited to you. You will share in the revenue from every referral you make for the duration of time that they remain members of the Tribe. 

We believe sincerely in the value of the Mompreneurs Tribe and the Mompreneur Academy that offer invalauble and engaging content in the areas of Business, Well-being, and Family. You are about to join an amazing family of mompreneurs from all around the world who value each other and share their knowledge and insight with the whole community! With your support, we can reach a larger circle, collectively.

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What you need to know about MAPP

  • As our partner, you will receive 20% of the price of the Mompreneurs Tribe monthly membership fee on a recurring basis, as long as your referred member renews their membership
  • Every introduction you make using your unique affiliate link will be tracked for 30 days
  • If a user makes a purchase in those 30 days, the sale will be assigned to your partner account
  • The first payout will be made approximately 60 days after the referred member has joined the Tribe, and payouts will continue to be paid every time they renew their membership
  • The partner system uses cookies placed on the user's browser to track their purchase. These cookies are only valid for 30 days. If your referral makes a purchase after 30 days from clicking on your unique link, that sale can not be tracked back to you.

Mompreneur Tribe retails at $468 annually, or $47 monthly
Our Affiliates get 20% recurring commision

There are 4 steps that you need to take in order to become a member of MAPP and begin introducing others to the Mompreneurs Tribe.

Step 1. Sign in to your Partner Dashboard
Step 2. Learn about The Mompreneurs Tribe
Step 3. Access all MAPP resources available to you

Step 1.

Sign in to your Partner Dashboard

Once you click on the button below, you will be taken to the Affiliate sign in page.

Use the User ID and password that was provided to you by email to log in to the Dashboard.

Your Unique Links

The Affiliate dashboard is where you will find your unique affiliate links.

In order for a referral to be credited to you, a potential Tribe member has to click on your unique link and to make a payment to join The Mompreneur Tribe.

When they click on your unique link, a cookie is placed on their browser, so that our system can track them back to you.

In order to access your unique link, login to the Affiliate Dashboard and locate your unique Tribe links on the top right hand side of your account page. Your Dashboard will also show you the number of people who have clicked on your link, and the number who have already made a purchase.

Here is what it looks like inside:

Whether you choose to send your referrals to the sales page to learn more about the Mompreneur Tribe, or decide to talk to them in person and then send them the direct link to the checkout page, or even invite them to download one of our free gifts before they make the decision to become a member later, they will be recognized as your lead when they finally make a purchase.

Sign in to Dashboard

Step 2.

Learn about Mompreneurs Tribe

Who is Mompreneurs Tribe for?

Although we are extremely inclusive, and welcome all mompreneurs to join The Tribe, there are certainly some who will benefit more from the membership and the community than others.

The Mompreneurs Tribe is ideal for those who are looking to focus on the following areas:

  • Business and Finance
  • Well-being and Energy
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Mindset

Mompreneurs Tribe is an online community for like-minded women entrepreneurs who are on a mission to create successful businesses while spending quality time with their loved ones and still have time for themselves. 

What do our members get from joining the Mompreneurs Tribe?

Our incredible Tribe members get access to:

  • The Mompreneurs Tribe platform with current and past monthly masterclasses
  • Weekly live calls where we discuss issues related to Business, Wellness and Family
  • The members-only Facebook group


The opportunity to join Mompreneurs Tribe is only open 2 times every year. Every time we launch, there is a chance that the membership cost will be higher based on the added and improved Tribe features. Existing members will have their fee frozen at the same level as long as they remain members without canceling.

Our current monthly price is $47 per month if paid monthly, and $39 per month if paid annually.

Visit the Mompreneurs Tribe

Step 3.

Access All Your  MAPP Resources

Here, you will find everything you need to effectively communicate the benefits of the Mompreneurs Tribe to your community.

Social Media Images, Posts and Text Samples

To save you time, when it comes to inviting your audience to The Mompreneurs Tribe membership, we have created a number of posts that you can share on social media, images you can post and email text that you can use to guide your audience towards the registration page.

Here are a few samples for your reference: Dropbox.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team on [email protected]