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Topic: Speak to Inspire and Convert

Learn the best techniques from a leading expert in public speaking and presentation optimization to truly change the way you deliver your message and connect with your audience.

The 5 core speaking principles that professional public speakers use:

1. What if your past-self is still controlling you? BREAK FREE!

Discover the most efficient techniques to let go of past influences and events, which might have contributed to your fear of public speaking. 

2. Eliminate the imposter syndrome.

Learn how to abolish the feeling that your success and achievements are not deserved. Be able to finally feel that you belong in that meeting, on that stage, or in that workplace.

3. Unlocking your character.

Find your unique presenting style for your desired audience. Learn the one core skill that all public speakers apply to their speech delivery. 

4. Coming out of your shell!

It’s been far too long. Enough is enough. Stop keeping your brilliant ideas to yourself, let them out.

5. Feed your audience’s curiosity.

The 3 things you would not expect to help you connect with your audience and grab their attention. 

And Much Much More.


About Andreea Zoia:

Before Andreea was recognized as an expert in confidence coaching, a highly sought-out presenter, and an inspirational voice for university students – And a desirable coach for royal family members, CEOs, high-ranked consultants and organizations such as: Emirates, Hermes, Adnoc, Dubai Tourism and Audi – Andreea was known as “the shy little girl with selective mutism.”

At the tender age of eight, Andreea lost her father in a fatal car-accident, and as a result, she developed selective mutism, as well as low self-confidence. She found it extremely hard to talk in front of crowds. Presenting and expressing herself were foreign far-fetched skills for her.

Seeking a fresh start, Andreea moved to the UAE at the age of 19 to follow her big dream of becoming a model. Working as a model for years boosted Andreea’s confidence and pushed her to follow her next big dream – being a presenter.

This was a painful time for Andreea because no one believed in her. 

Mentors told her: “You don’t have what it takes!” 

Colleagues laughed while saying: “You? Presenting! I can’t imagine that! You have a thick Romanian accent; you don’t know English properly. Just forget about it!”

But she was not shaken up by their comments for long. She believed in herself when no one else did – and that was enough. 

Andreea’s insistence, perseverance and warrior-like mentality pushed her to improve her accent through English elocution, phonetic and grammar courses. It occurred to her that she needed lots of practice.

Presenting for five years enabled Andreea to adopt the best speaking techniques and skills. Because of her caring and nurturing nature, she would always reach out to speakers before they would step on stage and naturally guide them on how to present better and feel more relaxed. And that is when Andreea realized that she had a great impact on people - she had the hidden talent of coaching.

Her light-bulb moment catapulted her into acquiring her Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification. Combining the knowledge from her mentors, Lisa Nichols, Steve Truitt, to name a few, her coaching journey commenced. Her strong belief that ‘one size does not fit all’ is heavily engrained in all her coaching practices. That is why Andreea has developed her own unique techniques, principles and exercises which are personalized to every individual she coaches. 

Pooling in her 15+ years of experience, Andreea has dedicated her life to helping individuals build their brand, presentation skills and confidence, to levels that are unimaginable.

And Andreea will show you how in this live session.


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