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Topic: Sound Healing

Sound Healing encompasses a wide range of ancient and modern modalities using sound to promote the body’s own healing. Using the sound and vibration produced by sacred instruments like gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls or the human, the sound healer creates a soundscape that immerses the recipient.

Whatever sound healing you choose, you will leave the session more energized, balanced and at peace. Since sound healing activates the body’s own healing systems, you will enjoy more consistent results when you make sound healing a regular part of your wellness journey.

About Aspen: 

SoundMirror first encountered the gong in Dubai in 2009 – and was blown away by its power to take her on an inner journey she’d never experienced. She quickly understood that gongs provide a powerful way for people “not good at meditating” to gain spiritual growth and self-realization.

SoundMirror is an accomplished “Gong Master in Training” and believes every sound healer is always learning. She trained with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, Gong Masters Aidan Mcintyre, Tom Soltron and Abby del Sol.

She has facilitated hundreds of gong baths internationally in the past 10 years, incorporating a wide range of sacred instruments into her soundscapes. SoundMirror blends the power of the gong, multidimensional Violet Flame Reiki, mantra and crystals in her sound healing practice.


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