Assile Beydoun - Busting The Myths About Being Vegan

Topic: Busting The Myths About Being Vegan

After experiencing life-changing results by making simple changes, Assile Beydoun wanted to share her story to help others understand the importance of going vegan, physically, mentally, and spiritually. After she received a certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell’s Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, she founded the Dubai Vegan Community, a platform that helps people on their journeys by spreading awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet, advocating the animal rights movement, promoting sustainable food choices, and breaking stereotypes about veganism. In addition to being the sustainability communications director of a Fortune 500 company, Assile also co-founded Spread the Raw, a plant-based snacks distribution company; Wholesome Retreats, for spiritual and wellness retreats; and Cold Pressed, a juice detox program.



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