Billy Alice - The Power of Manifesting a Vision Board


Topic: The Power of Manifesting a Vision Board

Manifesting is more than a buzz-word, it is something we all do whether intentional or not. The Law of attraction and our subconscious mind are both continuously interacting, the great news is we can use that to our advantage. Vision boards are a highly useful tool to prime our environment and subconscious to manifest more of what we desire in life. It goes deeper than just a pretty image, there really is a science to building a powerful vision!

About Billy Alice:

Billy Alice aka the Sciencey Spiritualist is an Intuition and Mindset coach as well as the creator of The Real Vision Board Magazine. She has been on her intentional spiritual journey for the last decade learning as much as she can about the mind and how to utilize the law of attraction. She now helps other female entrepreneurs reconnect to their divine feminine energy and leverage their manifesting abilities.


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