Carolyn O'Brien - Getting Started with Business Metrics


Topic: Getting Started with Business Metrics

How to start tracking metrics in your business, which metrics to focus on, and how to avoid the overwhelm even if you are someone who "hates numbers"! This training will teach you the exact steps to take to start mastering the metrics in your business, from choosing the metrics to focus on, developing a strategy for pulling numbers, and how to start from zero and then grow from there.  We will walk through how metrics can help guide your business decisions and how setting KPIs for your business will set you up for growth and success. 

About Carolyn O'Brien:

My experience comes from nine years in the corporate world working in operations, strategic partnership development, and account management. I have worked in large, established public companies, scrappy start ups and even worked with a company during their IPO. I managed and built multi-million dollar partnerships through technical integrations, go-to-market strategy, and software advisement. Now, I partner with online CEOs and business owners as a Metrics Strategist, to help them understand the numbers behind their business. My goal is to make metrics fun - yes it's possible! - and to help business owners understand that looking at the numbers in the business is the only way to continue to grow and scale.


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