Crystal Bantel - How to Start your Email List


Topic: How to Start your Email List

You may have heard it over and over that an email list is very important in starting and growing your online business, but if tech is NOT your thing then you may still be putting it off. No need to worry. In this masterclass, we will go over why an email list is important and then we will learn step by step how to set it up. You do not have to be tech savvy to do this. Crystal will guide you through all the steps so you will actually be able to pause and play the videos to follow along as you implement everything alongside her. 

About Crystal Bantel:

Crystal Bantel is a website and sales funnels designer who works with fresh and growing entrepreneurs to create a solid online presence and marketing strategy. Because she is also a certified business coach, she focuses on modern value-based marketing strategies that ACTUALLY work and actually provide a solid pathway for entrepreneurial success. She has been using tech as her playground since she was 11 years old, and so it only makes that she’s now recognized as Your Tech Fairy. 



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