Danielle Daem - Your Emotional Connection to Food


Topic: Your Emotional Connection to Food

We can't change our patterns and habits without first understanding WHY they exist in the first place. It's no different with food. If you're looking for freedom, control, and empowerment when it comes to food, this video series will help you uncover your deep emotional connection with food so you can begin bringing more awareness into your patterns and habits around food. You'll also learn where your cravings come from and the processes to help you disconnect the emotion-food patterning so you no longer turn to food for emotional comfort or numbing out. Ready to discover true freedom and conscious eating patterns that come from a place of true empowerment and love from within? Let's dive in!


About Danielle Daem:

Danielle Daem is a Sugar Freedom Coach & Speaker who is passionate about helping women reshape their relationship with sugar so they can reclaim control over their health and energy once and for all! Having struggled with sugar addiction herself, she knows exactly how difficult and overwhelming the journey can be. Using her extensive knowledge in nutrition, personal experience, and coaching, Dani helps her clients discover a new way of living in which sugar cravings and guilt no longer controls their health and life. 

Danielle is also the co-host of the Quit Sugar Summit, an annual online event bringing the most up to date research and information in the world of nutrition and sugar addiction. 


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