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What some people call a SLOW METABOLISM is just misguided energy... NOT some arbitrary age when suddenly everything slows down.  Think about it THIS way: if the body's busy with things like excess weight, inflammation, and stress – how’s it ever going to have time to improve? 

FACT IS... it can't.  So how do we allow our bodies to heal? How do we declutter the body's workload to improve our health and boost our metabolism? After all, in that state, it's remarkably resilient...  The key to doing this is to get back to basics using the Metabolic Body Reset’s Metabolic Freedom Formula.

About David Bennett:

David Bennett is the Founder of The Metabolic Body Reset and The Empowered Living Institute.  David has been coaching people since 2004 to help enable them to take back control of their health and their life.  David has a Law Degree, Chiropractic Degree and is certified in Functional Medicine.

David specializes in coaching people to overcome and reverse Metabolic Syndrome (weight gain, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar & excess body fat), using the same methods and formula that he developed to overcome his weight and health issues.  David is inspired by his wife and two children, and in his spare time coaches both his daughter’s softball team and his son’s baseball team.


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