Elli Kasbi - A Journey to a 6-Figure E-commerce: Elli Junior

Topic: A Journey to a 6-Figure E-commerce: Elli Junior

About Elli Kasbi:

Elli always envisioned being an entrepreneur, even as a professional woman. She is Persian by origin, brought up in beautiful Sweden and in Dubai for the last 7 years. Expressing her life in UAE, she says, “I now call Dubai home, and we love it. We love to see the sunlight 365 days a year, endless opportunities, the diversity of all nationalities and most of all, I love the beach.” She has strong experience in IT and finance, having worked for one of Sweden's largest banks in Stockholm. She also worked for two years in a media company in Dubai. Throughout the stint, she has witnessed the highs and lows of the business world, including both success stories and initiatives that did not do well. 

However, her underlying passion was always fashion and e-Commerce. After 2 years in Dubai, she found a deficit in the children’s apparel. And, as a long-time lover of the Swedish label Elodie Details, she imagined high-quality clothing with a Scandinavian aesthetic and a focus on sustainability. The concern made her imagine an online marketplace for exclusive baby apparel and accessories. She wanted to bring the exclusivity of the Swedish Brand into the GCC region. Thus, she brought Elli Junior into existence. “I had no experience in retail, e-commerce, or import/export; all I knew was that I wanted to change the deficit in the UAE market,”she says. Her vision has unfolded in great strides. Elli Junior is present in 20 trending stores across the GCC. In Jan 2020, Elli Junior launched its own collection of high-quality organic baby towels, playmats, bamboo blankets and lots more. Recently, the brand launched its first open shop in Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall. And while all its offline fronts don’t have the entire collection, its online platform offers the whole gamut. The brand also offers cash on delivery, fast and free shipping with free gift wrapping. While the business focuses on online expansion, the Dubai Mall site draws a massive attraction, allowing customers to touch and feel the products.

Elli Junior: Award winning one stop shop for parents, focus on premium design sustainability 

We only want to bring in and produce the best products for your children. We make children’s life’s more beautifulAt Elli Junior, we always strive to bring our customers products that are both sustainable and beautiful. Our product range aims to make the lives of parents easier by bringing you all the products you need for your parenting journey on one platform.



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