Elysha Lenkin - 3 Stylist Secrets To Use Your Clothes To Create Confidence


Topic: 3 Stylist Secrets To Use Your Clothes To Create Confidence

Elysha Lenkin is a personal fashion stylist and she shares her insider secrets on how to choose clothes that compliment you best so you show up with more confidence in your life. This class is perfect if you’re confused about what styles look good on you, or you just want tips to improve what you wear. You will leave this training session knowing exactly what items to look for in your closet that will help you dress better.


About Elysha Lenkin: 

Elysha Lenkin is a personal fashion stylist who helps women look current, feel confident and stay true to themselves. For over 20 years, she’s worked with a wide variety of well-known brands, celebrities and publications including Carrie Underwood, Serena Williams, Tina Fey, and O, The Oprah magazine. Her website (https://elyshalenkin.com/) provides inspired style tips and insider tricks that make fashion fun and approachable, helping her clients look polished and feel put-together. And when not working, she can often be found with her husband and 2 kids in downtown Manhattan.



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