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Is Starting a Podcast Right for You? 
How to Find Your Voice and Stand Out from the Rest?

Launching a podcast can be exciting! Getting your voice out into the world is pretty darn cool. I've seen people jump in with both feet and take on podcasting with more gusto than a Black Friday shopper at a big box store.


But then it alllll stops.
• Self doubt creeps in. 
• The overwhelm takes over. 
• Podfade is an all too familiar reality. 


Oftentimes, it's not the production of the podcast that leads to burnout but the lack of strategy before they even started. 

WHY do you want to start a podcast? WHO is the show really for? HOW do you want to use this powerful medium to elevate your idea... your business... your life?

I've coached and consulted with some incredible podcasters. Some of them continue to see awesome success. Some of them put their mics up on a shelf to collect dust. Guess which of them got clear on their idea *before* actually pressing record. 

Because I believe so much in clear strategy from the very beginning, I want to share my tips with you. 
• Get Clear on Your Podcast Idea (and Reason for Starting)
• How to Validate Your Idea
• How to Align Your Podcast Production with Real Life
• How to Position Your Show and Expertise to Stand Out 

Once you tap into your own knowledge and personality, you'll be one huge step closer to launching the podcast of your dreams!

PS If you’re more interested in starting a YouTube channel or blog, this training still applies to you. 

About Jackie MacDougall:

A broadcast professional for over two decades, I've been the driving creative force on major projects for NBC, Warner Brothers and Disney. I've served as the go-to person to help A-list talent, experts and others establish a unique voice and build community.

As a podcast coach and consultant, I've been leading experts, entrepreneurs and influencers in launching and growing their podcasts. Now I'm ready to help YOU find your voice and share it with the world.



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