Jennifer D'Amato - Overcoming Negative Self Talk


Topic: Overcoming Negative Self Talk

Jennifer will be helping you to not only identify the inner critic and the negative self talk, but in this masterclass she will help you work through strategies for combating and eliminating those thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back or stopping you. She will break down the process in an easy to implement way so you can integrate it into any situation where those thoughts arise. 


About Jennifer D'Amato:

Jennifer D’Amato is a coffee loving Life Coach. Her work helps women overcome negative self talk and become intuitive eaters who own their self worth and beauty. She loves working with women who want to block out the inner critic, the noise of diet culture and just know what is best for her. She has a weekly podcast for women called Health, Life & More for Women and you can listen in on her website She is also a wife, mom to four daughters and enjoys living in sunny Arizona. 


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