Dr. Jessi Sigander - How to Handle Big Emotions in the Family


Topic: How to Handle Big Emotions in the Family

We are raising kids in a time of great stress and fear. Many families are experiencing disconnection, chaos and anxiety. Learn the latest research on brain development and emotions along with practical tools you can start using today. Stop the cycle of anxiety and intentionally address the social and emotional needs of yourself and your family.


About Dr. Jessi Sigander:

Dr. Jessi Sigander is native to the Northwest and loves reading, traveling, and learning. Jessi is the founder and creator of Brain Breakthrough Therapy, a holistic approach to address anxiety, trauma, and dyslexia in the body. Jessi’s background is in education with BA in education, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Educational Leadership. Jessi is a co-founder of Action Parenting. 



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