Kailey Jacomet - Legal to Launch: How to Legally Protect Your Business Online and Beyond


Topic: Legal to Launch: How to Legally Protect Your Business Online and Beyond

Navigating the legalities of your business can be scary and daunting, but it is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your business! When it comes to protecting their business legally, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs is that they don't know what they don't know. In the training, business attorney Kailey Jacomet will walk you through the most important aspects of protecting your business legally including what type of legal entity to form, contracts, and intellectual property. Invest the time to level up your knowledge as the CEO of your business, so you can keep your hard earned money in your pocket and protect the brand you work so hard each day to build.

About Kailey Jacomet:

Kailey Jacomet is a business attorney and mom of two. In her law practice, Brand Law Boutique, she helps entrepreneurs protect their brands with trademark registration, and provides attorney-drafted contract templates for service providers in her shop, Contractista. When she's not busy helping business owners protect their businesses legally, Kailey can almost always be found with her family.


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