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Topic: Power of Your Mind

Kathy Lindert shows you how to use your mind and your language to change your outcomes. So many times Mompreneurs have so much on their plates and when business or life becomes challenging, the words and the thoughts, the way we program ourselves to act or react, can hurt us in the end.

Kathy shows women just like you how to stop those negative thoughts, how to learn from the lessons life throws at all of us and how to make your dreams become reality. 

It does take practice, but the bottom line is, it does work when you use it.  Let Kathy show you how to start changing your mind, your language and change your outcomes. 

About Kathy Lindert:

Kathy Lindert is a Hypnotist and Owner of The Mental Edge, LLC. In January of 2018,  Kathy Lindert opened her new office to help people in the Charlotte and the surrounding areas to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome fears and help them gain confidence in themselves. Since moving to Charlotte, she has been able to help hundreds of people achieve their goals and become happier and healthier people.

Kathy has written a total of four books on hypnosis and has been brought in by corporations to help their employees deal with stress, better sleep quality, and quitting smoking.  Some of the corporations that Kathy has worked include ADP, Verizon, Elite Office Supplies, and the Chilton Hospital with their CRUSH Program. 



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