Latrice Prater - The ADHD Advantage for Women in Business


Topic: The ADHD Advantage for Women in Business

Learn how to grow and scale your business with ADHD. Identify how to leverage your unique abilities in a way that aligns with how your brain innately operates so you can run your business with ease. Don't just manage your ADHD but learn how to use it to your advantage!

About "Latrice Prater":

Latrice Prater is the CEO of The Digital Solutions Team, an agency providing tech solutions to female business owners. She is also an ADHD Success Strategist, providing Business Alignment Sessions to the ADHD Entrepreneur. Latrice loves to provide training and guidance to women who are service providers with online businesses and identify as neurodivergent. As a woman in business with ADHD, Generalized Anxiety, Bipolar II Disorder, and Insomnia, she knows firsthand the challenges one faces to run and sustain a profitable business. 

Latrice is a wife and mother of 3, who currently resides in the Austin Texas area. She is fiercely passionate about people, personal and professional development, and harnessing her authenticity to attract her tribe.  She has a Master’s degree in Education and loves learning and educating others. Her varied background includes 5 years of experience as an Executive Assistant in sectors such as Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Consulting, and Technology.  

Latrice is a self-proclaimed Multipotentialite that has started various business ventures and has never been afraid to simply bet on herself. She started her journey as a business owner in February 2020 as a solopreneur. She now leads a small agency that consists of a team of 13 amazing women and continues to scale her six-figure business. 


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