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Mission, Vision, and Values is the first step of your growth strategy. They provide the foundation for your business. This step often gets skipped and then you get stuck and you don't know why. You are doing all the things you are told to do. But your business isn’t growing. You feel like you are just spinning your wheels because you are working all the time with not much to show for it. You need direction and focus to reach your Destination Success.


About Lisa Kingsbury:

Lisa is the owner of Optimized Management, where she provides operations and project management services for moms who are trying to grow their business while raising a family.

Lisa’s certifications include Director of Operations, Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Social Media Marketing Specialist, and Project Management Essentials.

Lisa combines her operations, project management, and digital marketing knowledge to bring the perfect trifecta of skills to your business so that you can grow your business, make money, and live a life you love.

When she started her online journey, she saw so many entrepreneurs talking about not having time for their family or themselves; all they had time for was work. As a homeschooling mom of 8, she knew that wouldn’t work for her family.

Through trial and error and some great mentors, she discovered it was possible to have a successful online business and spend time with her family. Knowing your why, being intentional, and setting goals are the keys to getting it all done.

Lisa’s clients include businesses all over the globe who are making an impact, getting paid, and still finding time to eat dinner with their family.

Lisa lives in small-town South Alabama with her husband, eight children, and four dogs. There’s never a dull moment and rarely a quiet one. In her spare time, Lisa and her family enjoy camping, kayaking, and road-tripping.



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