Lynn Scott - Belief System


Topic: Belief System 

In this training, Lynn Scott talks about:

- Understand MINDSET (an explanation of Fixed/Growth)
- Why we have ‘fixed mindsets’ (a tiny bit of neuroscience – fear and threats)
- Recognize and reframe fixed mindset beliefs
- What’s your first step?


About Lynn Scott: 

Lynn Scott is a coach for leaders, entrepreneurs and teams.

She helps leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and teams be more successful without overwhelm.

That means – first things first – getting to grips with our self-doubt, our inner-critics, our people-pleasing - and our mindsets. There are four steps to doing this and it works every time - but of course only if you DO it!

Many years ago, she was the first female head of operations for one of the largest travel companies in the world. A BIG step up for her from her previous roles. She was proud and excited; raring to go. But then: ‘floundering fish out of water’ doesn’t even begin to describe her reality. She wished  she’d known back then that it IS possible to develop confidence, to change the habits of a lifetime, to speak out, to stop worrying about ‘being found out’.

That ‘it’s just the way I am’ is a lie. She knows how to get you from Overwhelm and Confusion to Inspiring and Confident. It’s not that difficult when you’re intentional and you take the Effortless Leader path. Her approach combines bite sized, practical tips that work in the real world with ‘say it as it is when there’s something you really need to hear’.




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