Maira Lorena - Keep Active Despite a Busy Schedule


Topic: Keep Active Despite a Busy Schedule


About Maira Lorena:

Maira also known as Active Mama Workout is all about safely guiding and inspiring women to love and care for the bodies they’re in before, during and after pregnancy.

A certified Pre & Post Natal Expert she learned the importance of pre and postnatal activity through her own experience with her young daughter.  She specializes in abdominal breathing and building strong foundations for your pregnancy and post natal journey.

As a busy mum and working fulltime getting in a workout seemed near to impossible which lead her to launch her 30 Day Active Mama Challenge and her Active Mama Home Kit.

30 Mins 3 times a week for 30 days perfect for busy mums who want to get in shape or just needing that motivation to get into a fitness routine.


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