Marie Temby is an International #1 Best Selling Author, “Simple Soulful Successful”, and has been a Multi-Site Franchisee for more than two decades and mother of two.

Marie has helped many people increase balance and happiness levels through a simple method she discovered after years of research.

When life was hectic, and overwhelm became a part of each and every day, she knew life was not supposed to be that hard, searching for answers not only for herself but for those ahead and those following to find skills necessary for retrieving time and balance.

Marie has served over one million customers, employed over one thousand employees, whilst business can be tough, she discovered ways to improve her approach to paperwork, customers, staff, management and personal life, keeping her priorities in place, family first.

Her boys grew up with vision boards and the mantra of  “Anything is possible”.

Not only did she find time and energy to accomplish what she needed and wanted to do, she found success in her personal and professional life.  Most importantly, the path to daily happiness.

Marie has researched for many years what are the traits that the extraordinary staff have, not only has she discovered what these traits are she has developed a course for employers to help them teach it to their staff.

Her goal is to reach over one million employees and help them become extraordinary in the workplace. 

During 2020 Marie has appeared on a number of podcasts and written articles for Business Business Business on “The Necessary Evil of Paperwork” and “Customers are more than just a Transaction”.