Maryam Rezvan - Building Resilience Through a Deeper Understanding of our Emotional Landscape


Topic: Building Resilience Through a Deeper Understanding of our Emotional Landscape

During this talk, Maryam will discuss Intelligent Energy Management Systems which would allow each of us, to assess how our energy is being spent, how and where we lose energy, and will introduce us to effective techniques which can be used on the go, to help us stop the energy leaks, and thereby build resilience.

About Maryam Rezvan:

Maryam Rezvan is a dynamic, creative and insightful coach who enables lasting transformation by drawing on her scientific training, coaching experience, and intuitive understanding of people. She is the founder of Sukoon; an emerging movement based in Dubai, Sukoon is shifting the standard of spiritual awareness and education in the region, introducing pioneering methods that result in more dynamic leadership, sharper clarity and focus, reduced stress and improved health.

She has studied, practiced and mastered a number of fields including Genetic Engineering, Neurolinguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy; she also is an accredited Professional Coach and HeartMath Coach. 

Known for her ability to motivate and engage her clients, Maryam’s approach is gentle, supportive yet demanding. What sets her apart from other coaches is a committed focus on drawing strength and wisdom from the heart as a means for transformation. 

Her motto and ultimate mission through Sukoon is Creating Heartful Minds. Maryam uses her expertise to provide clients the space and opportunity to live in a state of coherence between heart and mind. Through coherence, we can find energy for creation and transformation. Over many years of study and practice, Maryam has developed a powerful formula for fulfillment and is relentlessly passionate about sharing it with others through Sukoon.


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