Matt Travis - Align Your Mind With Your Health


Topic: Align Your Mind With Your Health

Have you ever wondered why you have tried so many strategies and plans to change your health (diets, exercise, supplements, etc…) and/or business (posting, messaging, blogging, etc…) and maybe get some results but have trouble making it stick long term?

In this presentation you are going to learn how important it is to create an individualized plan for your health and/or business transformation that is in alignment with your identity, beliefs, values, habits, and skills to ensure that you achieve the results you want and finally keep them!

About "Matt Travis":

Matt Travis runs a company called The Potential-U to help mom entrepreneurs transform their subconscious mind, health & business habits to remove self-sabotage and ensure sustainable growth without burnout. Matt is a Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist, he has a Masters in Health, a Certified Functional Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition Pro Coach, Certified Wildfit Coach, FMS Certified, and a non-stop life-long learner. 


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