Michelle Renzitti - Essential Oils for Beginners - Becoming a Healthier YOU


Topic: Essential Oils for Beginners- Becoming a Healthier YOU

Join us for a free workshop and learn how essential oils can boost your health and improve your lifestyle.

In this workshop, you will discover effective ways to replace harmful chemicals using essential oils. During the class you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert guidance on your individual wellness needs.

You will learn:

• The Basics of Essential Oils

• The Best Ways To Improve Emotional Health

• Effective Remedies for Common Ailments

• Powerful Solutions for Pain Relief

• How to Easily Reduce Toxic Load in Your Home

About Michelle Renzitti:

I am very excited to share my passion of plant medicine with you. I LOVE what I do! I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.  I empower and support families by teaching them how to easily incorporate essential oils into their homes to keep their families healthy and reduce their toxic load (save so much time and so much money).


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