Rebecca Johnston - Perimenopause - Finding Balance and Harmony During This Midlife Shift


Topic: Perimenopause - Finding Balance and Harmony During This Midlife Shift

In this one hour training, Rebecca will explain her upcoming program The Perimenopause Group Coaching Program and why it has helped so many women during this midlife shift. Our hormones, mindset, and lifestyle all play HUGE roles in our ability to rock this time in our lives with grace and beauty! Weight gain, change in moods, painful PMS symptoms, struggle falling asleep, less energy and hot flashes are all a result of the change in our hormones. But we can regulate our hormones naturally with managing our stress, dietary changes, exercise and mindfulness techniques!

This workshop is for anyone in their late 30"s, 40's and 50's who is experiencing the effects of hormonal changes and wants to feel empowered and in charge during this pivotal time!

About "Rebecca Johnston":

Rebecca Johnston is a a fitness professional, women's health coach, healer and founder of BeNaturallyFit living in Vancouver, BC.  She has been helping women regain optimal health in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s through her Perimenopause program, 1:1 coaching and online Virtual Fitness Studio.

Rebecca blends her extensive knowledge of the body, science, the mind, spirituality and yogic technologies to bring a holistic, expansive experience of healing, health and happiness for her community and the women she helps.


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