Susan Drury - Seeing Through the Illusion of Fear


Topic: Seeing Through the Illusion of Fear

Fear is a feeling state. It is a biological, neurological experience where chemical messengers and nerve impulses are sent between multiple parts of the body (including but not limited to our gut, heart, throat, brain, and extremities) and trigger physiological responses. Sometimes there is a very real external threat and these responses are appropriate to get out of danger. However very often this feeling state of fear is triggered by an illusory perception or “What if?” that lives mostly in our imagination.

As an entrepreneurial woman and mother, you are involved in a very complex juggling act! Moving forward requires you to handle multiple demands and challenges, often changing as your business and family grow and change.  While certain challenges may be easy to meet, others can trigger an anxiety response that will hold you back in an unproductive cycle.  In this experiential webinar you will connect with a common “What if?’ trigger, become conscious of your own personal fear response and learn how to transform a fearful illusion into a new sense of empowerment. 

About Susan Drury:

As a woman with a distinctly entrepreneurial nature (hated working for anyone) who has also balanced a marriage of 35 years, being a mother of three grown daughters and two (so far) grandchildren, my life has been an unfoldment of variety and surprises.  My childhood was spent moving around the world until finally landing in the US and attending Dartmouth College.  I moved to New York City as an opera singer, and soon met an intriguing Canadian who went onto become my husband.  After the birth of our first child, we moved to his home town of Vancouver; soon after this, a serious health issue threw a wrench into my status quo and initiated the movement into a major theme of my life: the pursuit of healing and transformation. 

My main professional training and advanced certification is in classical homeopathy, supported by training and certification in a number of modalities, including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing, and the Present Child Method.  Along with my private practice, I am a teacher of meditation and personal transformation.  I lead workshops and have clients in all parts of the world . 


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