Suzanne Chilton - Health & Healing with Self-Reflexology


Topic: Health & Healing with Self-Reflexology

Did you know that foot reflexology not only feels amazing but is also a simple and effective self-care tool that improves the health and wellness of your entire body? Join Suzanne as she shares how to use self-reflexology to de-stress, relieve pain and more and experience a guided tutorial to get you working on your feet right away!

About Suzanne Chilton:

Suzanne is a mom, artist, healer, educator and Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). She is the #footguru behind Foot Guru Reflexology, a private practice which provides in-home sessions for women and their children in North & West Vancouver, BC, Canada. Suzanne also shares the ancient healing benefits of reflexology in an accessible and practical way via her social media tutorials, workshops and online courses. Her mission is to guide modern families all over the world to health and healing, one reflex at a time.


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