Certified Nutrition Therapist | Fitness Instructor | Keynote Speaker

Nourish your body & mind for success! A successful serial mompreneur for 30+ years with 3 kids, 4 stepkids, and 7 grandies (yep, they’re amazing!), Suz knows how challenging it can be. As a Stress Management Consultant, Certified Nutrition Therapist, Fitness Instructor and Speaker, she is passionate about empowering overwhelmed mompreneurs to create a healthier life/business balance.

Learning how to manage stress and improve health naturally is a journey: with her signature process Suz teaches, coaches, encourages, and inspires her clients by designing personalized strategies, providing accountability and celebrating every small step. Her services include private consultations (including meal plans, recipes, etc), virtual fitness classes, wellness courses & workshops, keynote speaking and retreats. She has also partnered with the #1 natural nutrition company in the US to offer beyond organic nutritional products for those who want to fuel their bodies with the purest natural products that are safe, effective, and guaranteed.