Global Mentoring Walk 2023


Wednesday March 8th
10 am - 12pm
Meadows Village, Dubai

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If you are looking for a mentor for any aspect of your business or personal life, this is the place to be. Walk along as you talk to your mentor for an hour of energizing conversation. Meet other like-minded women and leaders and discuss the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and leadership. 


The Global Mentoring Walks are an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring. Organized by outstanding local leaders who are key members of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network, the annual Mentoring Walks bring together established women leaders and emerging women leaders to walk together in their community. As they walk, they discuss their professional challenges and successes and establish a mentoring relationship in which the seasoned leader guides, advises and supports her peer.

Previous Years Mompreneurs' Global Mentoring Walks

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Event Format

The event will begin at 10 am for a short networking and introduction session followed by a short walk where mentors and mentees can discuss opportunities and challenges.

After the walk, we will reconvene once again to close the event.


Wednesday, March 8th
10 am - 12pm
Meadows Village, Dubai

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