The ultimate list of things you need to know to take our business to the next level

Every stage of your business requires new learnings and a knowledge toolkit in order to help you expand, scale and move beyond where you are now and on to the next stage.

Monday August 31st @ 9:30am PDT

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In this training, you will learn:

  • Where you are in the 6 stages of entrepreneurship
  • What your end goal is for your business
  • Creating a business blueprint
  • Your "zone of genius"
  • Finding Funding
  • How to mentally prepare for success

Are You Ready to Scale Your Business?

There are various stages in entrepreneurship, and if you are looking to scale up your business, you need to prepare yourself with a new set of learnings and an expanded knowledge toolkit in order to move from the level you are at now, to the level you want to reach.

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Hi! I'm Mona Tavassoli...

I am an Entrepreneur, Mother of two, and Creator of Mompreneurs Worldwide, an organization for like-minded women-Entrepreneurs.

I believe that having a successful business and a thriving family is not a zero-sum game, with the right support and mindset. We work to create an environment where women can feel fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.

Everything that we do is based on our "Why" which is: Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Leaders, and we empower women through education and entrepreneurship.

It took me years of study and research to find harmony in my life as a mother and entrepreneur, and I have made it my mission to create a community of supportive
like-minded female entrepreneurs and give you the tools to create the life and business you deserve without compromising on you or your family.

About The Mompreneur Academy

The Mompreneur Academy is the educational and training division of Mompreneurs Wordwide. It is a knowledge sharing platform designed to show you the blueprint to succeed in different areas of life, such as Business, Wellbeing, Family, Financials, Mindset and more.

Knowledge is power and as said beautifully by Albert Einstein: We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Each course is designed to educate and empower you to enhance the quality of your life.

Monday August 17th @ 9:30am PDT

Enter your details below to reserve your space for the upcoming training